What are your kosher options?

These locations are certified Kosher:
  • Chickies located inside of Foodies - Garden Court, Level 1 
  • Cinnabon - Parks Court
  • Coca-Cola Eats - Food Court, Court C, Level 3
  • Cotton Pop Shop
  • Dunkin' Donuts - Parks Court
  • Goldie Lox - Court A, Level 1
  • Geoffrey's Cafe - Parks Court, Level 1
  • IT'SUGAR- It's Kosher - Parks Court, Level 1
  • Oreo Cafe - Parks Court, Level 3

Locations that have some kosher options:

  • Haagen Dazs - Court A, Level 1
  • Concession stands in Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park and DreamWorks Water Park have limited kosher options available.
    • The food is from a company called Fresko, which is one of the few USDA approved facilities to prepare the kosher fare. Certified by the Star-K Kosher Certification and the Tartikover Bet Din