Do you have Valet parking? What is the cost?

PARKING DECK B Valet Hours: Friday – Sunday 10:30am-9pm

The Avenue

Enjoy the ease of parking at The Avenue, with two ways to valet! Both conveniently located, Saks Fifth Avenue Valet service is located on the Ground Floor Level, adjacent to the store's exterior entrance, while valet parking at The Avenue can be found within Deck D's Diamond Hub, also on the Ground Floor.

Saks Fifth Avenue Valet Hours:  Monday - Saturday 10:30am – 7:30pm The Avenue Valet Hours:  Friday – Saturday 10:30am-9pm  

Rates for both:

  • Regular Vehicles: $12 in addition to the standard parking rate
  • Oversized Vehicles: $15 in addition to standard parking rate
  • Reserved Upfront Parking: $25 above standard parking rate